The pictures on this post are not professional so don't pay attention to the backgrounds and lighting. I took them for my own reference so I'd have record of what cookies I've made and how I decorated them.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Girl

Baby Bouquets

Cookie Platter for Baby Shower


  1. Hi! I was referred to your site by Kelli Manning (I teach dance to her daughter Chloe). I was thinking of using cookies as a favor in my wedding...have you ever done cookies for a wedding? What shapes would you recommend? Look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Hi Christie,
    There are quite a few options for wedding cookies. I don't have any pictures at this time, however should have some samples within a month. I could do a wedding ring, wedding cake, wedding bell, hearts or circles with names, cakes, etc frosted on them. If you have anything particular in mind I'm sure I could make it for you.
    When are you getting married? If you wanted to see something sooner than a month I could probably do that for you too.